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Enjoy free video poker and more - Click Here Online Poker holds a unique spot in the world of online casino games. It could be your best shot to earn money in the online casino or it could be an exercise in humiliation. Online poker is a rich complex game that combines skill luck and intense psychological warfare. Every player competes against and interacts with every other and each player's actions influence all the other players.

With most casino games you play against the house and its rules. Online poker has similarities to sports and race betting where your success comes from outsmarting the odds-makers and the rest of the betting population, but in online poker it's personal. The opponent you need to outsmart sits right at the table with you.

Whether played casually or as a cutthroat profession, poker endures as America's most popular card game. It has been estimated that 70 million Americans are familiar with the standard rules of poker, marking it as a socially acceptable gambling activity. The game is incredibly adaptable, and the growing popularity of online poker attests to that fact.

Video poker, the digital stand-alone form that hit the casinos in the 70's, is now making its presence known online. The majority of online casinos at the very least offer a variety of video poker games, and some feature fully blown multi-player poker games.

Try our new online poker game, where jacks or better wins your bet back or more. It's a nice little table poker variation that you can play on your own without the need for your regular poker buddies. It won't make you any money of course, but it won't take any away either! To play for real, you can visit one of our advertisers.

The Poker Prince is always on the hunt for new and interesting poker sites and information. If you come upon any sites you think I should include here, please to let me know about it.

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